Conkers At The Ready

The 38th annual charity conker competition in Angmering, West Sussex, England. Photo © Scott Ramsey/

The 38th Annual Angmering Charity Conker Competition

As Autumn arrives in West Sussex, we start to think of long walks through the beautiful countryside followed by a traditional Sunday roast in an old village pub. Roaring log fires a must. A perfect Sunday! A West Sussex 'hygge' moment for sure. However, last Sunday at the Spotted Cow in Angmering, things were slightly different. Locals had more pressing issues to think about than deciding if they wanted roast potatoes or mash with their roast beef. Instead, questions like "Are his conkers bigger than mine?" and "Is a double knot better than a figure of eight?" were being asked as the 38th annual Conker Competition took place. 


Conker Competition organiser Tony Booty at the event in Angmering. Photo © Scott Ramsey/

Organised by Tony Booty, the charity conker competition attracts teams from many of the nearby villages. They gather each year to compete, conker to conker, against one another in a series of heats to see who will be crowned the overall Conker Champions. Through a hale of splintered conkers, we managed to catch up with Tony and find out more. He explained that although rivalry is high, the competition is good-natured and just for fun. To avoid any cheating all the conkers and string are supplied along with a set of rules the teams need to follow. 


This year's competition was a real success with a bumper number of teams entering and only a few bruised knuckles needing to be soothed afterwards. The annual competition raises money for charity and this year the Chestnut Tree House was chosen to benefit from the day.  

And here's a top tip if you plan to visit next year. A beer mat on the top of your glass helps to keep your drink safe from flying debris!