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At Notthelm we pride ourselves in sharing beautiful visual stories about the people and places of West Sussex. Becoming a sponsor allows you to let our West Sussex readers know about your business, brand, organisation or event.


How It Works

We love creating and telling stories but to enable us to do this we need to sell advertising. If you run a business, organisation or are planning an event in West Sussex you need to advertise. So you see its easy, you become a sponsor which allows us to create the stories which in return allows your advert to be seen by our readers, simple.

We don't want to run generic adverts that follow our readers around the web. Instead, we want to create sponsored blog posts and show relevant banner adverts that will interest our readers and in return be effective for our sponsors. It doesn't matter if you are a sole trader running a small business from your kitchen table or a large business with several shops or offices we have a sponsorship package suitable for all.

Our readers are very important to us so we vet each sponsor and make sure they are a suitable fit for our brand. We are passionate about how Nothhelm looks and feels, it's what makes us different from other publishers, so we create all the artwork for you. We love beautiful images, who doesn't'? So it's really important your advert looks great. If you don't have any photographs or the ones you provide are not suitable you can book a Nothhelm Photoshoot, you can even pay extra and use the photos that we take on your own website and social media accounts. If you would like to find out more please contact us via the form below.


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