About Nothhelm

Nothhelm is a new online magazine about life in West Sussex, England. It uses beautiful visuals and well-written articles to allow readers to discover the people, places, events and traditions in the county. 

Visual stories and inspiring interviews take readers on a journey from the beautiful coastline, up through the twittens and over the South Downs. We explore the market towns and ancient villages and along the way introduce the people that live and work in the county and share their stories.

Named after a Sussex king who reigned from 692 to 714, Nothhelm is the brainchild of Scott Ramsey. Scott, a photojournalist and visual storyteller, was born and bred in West Sussex and still lives in a small village on the coast. He loves a good story and is fascinated by the traditions and people of this fine county he calls home.

Nothhelm - Stories from West Sussex.